Easy ARIA Tip #6: Making clickables accessible

It should never be a question whether ARIA should get added to a site, and yet it still happens. Here’s a simple-to-follow tutorial on helping non-buttons look and act like real-buttons to those that might have trouble realizing it:


Snap.js: For creating mobile-style navigation menus

Snap.js (GitHub: jakiestfu / Snap.js, License: MIT) also by Jacob is another dependency-free UI component. This one is for creating mobile-style navigation menus that appear when clicking a button or dragging the entire view. It uses CSS3 transitions, and has an event-based API so it’s easy to hook it into existing interfaces.

Nginx performance tips using ngx_pagespeed

With PageSpeed enabled, we shaved 1.57 seconds from our average page load (seen above), dropped our bounce rate 1%, and our exit percentage 2.5%.

While those numbers may not look like much, when you put them on an enterprise-level site, and start thinking of $$$, they start to look a little more impressive…


jQuery 2.0 Arrives, Without IE6/7/8 Support, and With Custom Build Option

The fact that jQuery 2.0 is now available is no longer news, and the fact that it no longer supports IE<9 is also not news (version 1.9.1 does still support those legacy browsers).

But one of the strongest features, I think, is the custom build option for 2.0! With this option, you can shrink jQuery down to less than 10kb (compressed).

That’s HUGE! Er, small… Well, you know what I mean…