Deep-Link into Video and Audio

I believe YouTube started offering video deep-links some time ago, and I thought it was brilliant then, something we totally needed. Glad that we now have it, anywhere we want it, audio or video…


Everything’s Coming Up WebRTC!

WebRTC seems like it has some great implications for the near future, like being able to communicate via video and IM-like messaging, right in the browser, without the need to install and set-up an account for Skype. Like this awkward conversation between a Googler and a Firefoxer:

And here are a few more interesting advancements:

Does WebRTC Make Skype Useless?

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox recently held a video call using nothing but two web browsers and WebRTC (Real-Time Communications):

Does this replace the need for Skype??

Here are a few other resources on the subject: