Taking Web Audio Offline in iOS 6 Safari

Fantastic, I had wanted to convert audio files to Data-URIs quite some time ago, but couldn’t quite find a way to do it…

But the ability to then store that content offline is really cool…


Does IndexedDB Store Files Outside of Database?

I was reading this article this morning:

And this statement caught my eye:

In Firefox’s IndexedDB implementation (and I believe IE’s too) the files are transparently stored outside of the actual database. This means that performance of storing a file in IndexedDB is just as good as storing the file in a filesystem. It does not bloat the database itself slowing down other operations, and reading from the file means that the implementation just reads from an OS file, so it’s just as fast as a filesystem.

Does this mean that storing physical files (images, mp3s, etc.) does not affect the size of the database?

If so, this could be huge for storing sites like the BMW Showcase for offline!

This, in addition to the IndexedDB ployfill mentioned in this video from Google I/O 2012 (starts at about 15:30), could make this functionality useful, right now…