CSS animations off the UI thread

Now appearing in Desktop Safari, iOS Safari, and Android Chrome, CSS transforms is no longer part of the UI thread, meaning such animations will not be affected by an overloaded CPU!

Check-out the test page, I can confirm:

  • All three animations are smooth on my desktop Chrome, and all three stop when I click the Kill Switch (desktop Chrome does not yet support this).
  • The CSS Transform animations are smooth as butter on my iOS6.2, but the margin animation is really choppy; and that choppy animation immediately stops when I click the Kill Switch…

Fantastic stuff, and nothing new for us to do (if you’ve hopefully, been animating correctly), users with supported browsers will simply get a much better experience!


Does WebRTC Make Skype Useless?

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox recently held a video call using nothing but two web browsers and WebRTC (Real-Time Communications):

Does this replace the need for Skype??

Here are a few other resources on the subject: