Performance Improvement Presentations

Some known, some not.

  1. Gone in 60 frames per second
  2. Fluid User Interface with Hardware Acceleration
  3. Let’s make the web jank-free

Does WebRTC Make Skype Useless?

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox recently held a video call using nothing but two web browsers and WebRTC (Real-Time Communications):

Does this replace the need for Skype??

Here are a few other resources on the subject:

Efficient HTML5 data-attributes

We all know and love HTML5 now, right? We’re using it every day, right? And data-attributes are just one of the new, really cool features that we all love and use, right?

But it appears they may not be the best thing to use, if you’re worried about performance (and I know we are all worried about performance…).

Thankfully, Stoyan has a work-around: