intro.js: Step-by-Step Guide for the Web

A great-looking way to get users oriented to new pages and/or features.


Resources for Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Phone 8

Continuing our previous thread regarding IE10 on Win8, here are two new links:

Adapting your WebKit-optimized site for Internet Explorer 10:
A quick list of items for getting existing sites ready for IE10/Win8. Some are rather obvious (like add the IE10 User-Agent if you’re sniffing), some are pretty helpful (like a detailed description of Pointer Events and cross-references for WebKit-only CSS and the corresponding version for IE10 (some standard, some still -ms prefixed), and a couple are actually bad practice (like adding event listeners for both webkitTransitionEnd and transitionend, which would create duplicate listeners for any WebKit browser that understands transitionend, because it will still understand webkitTransitionEnd too!).
[Note: Also, just for fun, check-out the View Source… Man, I haven’t seen font tags in a long time! And on a page that’s talking about the “modern” web… tsk-tsk…]

IEAK 10 for Windows 8 now available:
From their site: “IEAK 10 simplifies the creation, deployment, and management of customized Internet Explorer 10 packages. IT Professionals can use IEAK 10 to configure the out-of-box Internet Explorer 10 experience for their users and to manage user settings after deploying Internet Explorer 10.”

Web Platform Docs: Community-Driven Web Developer Documentation

We all need good resources for storing and finding information, whether it is Stack Overflow, Can I Use, MDN, or just a plain-old Google search.

Now a new, community-driven, browser-vendor-supported documentation site has arrived:

Paul Irish gives a really good explanation of why this is such a good thing, and we can all make it better: