Javascript Lint Pre-commit Script

The script enforces Javascript code quality and consistency by using JSHint. The script runs all new or modified Javascript files against JSHint for every commit; if it finds any issues it simply aborts the commit.


Apply a Custom Theme to Your Chrome Inspector

Ever want to change the look of your Google Chrome Web Inspector? I personally love being able to customize the “theme” or “brush” of my favorite IDE and my Web Inspector is no different. If you’ve ever done some snooping around Google Chrome’s Web Inspector you may have noticed that it’s made of straight HTML + CSS + JavaScript

I personally love dark backgrounds, and found this theme pretty great:
Except that when you Edit as HTML, the font disappears as black-on-black. From the comments, this bit fixes the problem:
#elements-content .editing,
#elements-content .editing *,
#elements-content .child-editing {
background-color: white !important;
color: black !important;
display: block;

Device Debugging Options

An extremely thorough guide to being able to debug Android devices via a USB connection. Which of course requires you to download and install the Android Developer SDK, install Chrome on your Android device, and then of course, this all only works on Android devices…

So, while not a full debugging suite, Steve Souders offers instructions for at least being able to create waterfall charts for mobile pages, which is useful for finding and debugging performance hiccups.

And speaking of debugging, think you know Chrome DevTools? Well, take a class and find out…