Screencast: When jQuery and CSS3 Collide

Article and screencast from Louis LazarisjQueryTO presentation:

tl;dr (er, tl;dw?):

  • Ideally don’t use jQuery’s animate or css functions, instead write those transitions in your CSS files, then use jQuery to change CSS classes to apply your transitions, like:
    #logo { height: 100px; transition: height 1s; } { height: 300px; }
  • Lou recommends using Modernizr.prefixed() to prevent having to identify the proper vendor prefixes, makes sense.
  • You can also use jQuery to add a transitionEnd function, if you need one, like:
    $('#logo').one('transitionEnd', function(e) {
    // do stuff here
  • I wasn’t familiar with jQuery’s one method, but there it is!
  • And did you know there was also an animationEnd event? I did not…
  • Animate.css offers pre-made CSS animations and a customizable build; I will dig into this one ASAP

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