Capturing: Improving Performance of the Adaptive Web

Capturing sounds like exactly what is needed for the ideal bridge between having a single code base and a truly device-responsive site! Very interesting…

Indeed, a slight performance hit on the initial load, but then it caches the results to improve later loads.


Everything’s Coming Up WebRTC!

WebRTC seems like it has some great implications for the near future, like being able to communicate via video and IM-like messaging, right in the browser, without the need to install and set-up an account for Skype. Like this awkward conversation between a Googler and a Firefoxer:

And here are a few more interesting advancements:

Device Debugging Options

An extremely thorough guide to being able to debug Android devices via a USB connection. Which of course requires you to download and install the Android Developer SDK, install Chrome on your Android device, and then of course, this all only works on Android devices…

So, while not a full debugging suite, Steve Souders offers instructions for at least being able to create waterfall charts for mobile pages, which is useful for finding and debugging performance hiccups.

And speaking of debugging, think you know Chrome DevTools? Well, take a class and find out…