Collection of iOS Meta Tags

Here’s a good list of what should be used for iOS, but also works for Android:

I had not heard of "apple-mobile-web-app-capable" before, interesting…


Complete Mozilla Event Reference

There are a lot of events that can be fired in Mozilla code. Some of these are standard events, such as those created by the DOM. Others are internal to Gecko or other parts of Mozilla application code. This reference will help you track those events down and learn how to use them.

I can’t figure out what the sort order is (and the table is not sortable), but this list is quite comprehensive and should be helpful for debugging in any browser!

Windows Phone: Creating a custom Tile to link to your website

This article guides you through the process of creating a custom pinned Tile that links to your website. This helps you control your brand when users pin your site to their Windows Phone Start screen. This works on phones running Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.