Quickly Access Dev URLs on Mobile Devices

Just found this today, and it is going to change the rest of your life…

Install this bookmarklet in your desktop development browser.  It creates QR codes that you can scan from mobile devices… It… is… magic…

No more typing stuff like this into multiple devices…
stagetactile.netbiscuits.com/24473/tactile5/map/map-overlay-enhanced.xml (or worse)
…just click the bookmarklet on your desktop, then scan with each device…

Of course, it does mean installing a QR Barcode Reader on each device, but that is a one-time issue.



3 responses to “Quickly Access Dev URLs on Mobile Devices

  1. bit.ly with registrated user will keep all link in history, and you could use it on the any device

    • So, in this case, you would look at a site on your desktop (after clicking a link in Jira, maybe), create a Bit.ly link, then log-in to Bit.ly on the mobile device, and view History to open it there?

      Okay, that’s a good method too, which doesn’t require installing the QR Code reader on each device.

      But it might not be as cool as using QR Codes… :-)



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