Leaner, Meaner, Faster Animations with requestAnimationFrame

An interesting use for requestAnimationFrame to reduce repaints and reflows during scrolling:


Responsive Images and Web Standards at the Turning Point

A good history and update on the issue of responsive images:

Marcel, note the format of the <picture> element that has been proposed, interesting that we came up with nearly the exact solution as well!

You might also want to review the two existing polyfills that make the new <picture> element work in browsers that do not support it, there might be something useful for Tactile’s version:

  1. Scott Jehl’s Picturefill
  2. Abban Dunne’s jQuery Picture (I know it’s jQuery, but at the heart of jQuery is just JavaScript… :-)

Bookmarklet: CSS Stress Testing and Performance Profiling

A bookmarklet to test CSS performance:

It’s a little difficult to watch, because the page blinks and jumps a lot while the tests are running, and depending on the page size and size of the CSS file it could take a little while, but the results are interesting.

Best Practices and Recommendations

I know we have plenty to keep ourselves busy right now, but at some point I think a “Best Practices and Recommendations” document for our clients would be a good idea.

I feel like a lot of our “bugs” (and I think performance issues) come from things that could be at least improved, if not eliminated, with better development practices.

Things like using less HTML, using sprites and data URIs to reduce HTTP Requests, minifying CSS and JS, etc., could really help improve the perception of Tactile: if our sites look or feel sluggish, regardless of the reason, our clients, and their users, are going to blame our product…

Here is a nice starter, does anyone else have anything they’d like to include, so we could start building a document?